The Smurfs - Skate Rush

The Smurfs - Skate Rush Take on the role of a smurf trying to escape from Azrael. Run as fast as you can and overcome all obstacles without hitting them. Avoid fences, wooden structures, caravans, stones and cars. There are many hazards. Take advantage of the cars and ramps to perform tricks. If you fail, you will end up in the hands of the evil Gargamel. On your way, collect as many strawberries as you can while getting as far as possible. The game offers you many missions that will bring you more strawberries. You can also take part in the word hunt by collecting the letters on the different paths. Portals will transfer you to new environments, so use them when you are near. You will discover different characters to unlock by collecting the associated items and get new skates to cross the courses in exchange for your strawberries. It is up to you to rank among the best players!