Shotgun Chess

Shotgun Chess In Shotgun Chess, you are the Black King, alone but armed with a trusty shotgun, facing formidable enemies. You must move through different levels, eliminate the enemy king without being put in checkmate, and defeat the final boss. This game cleverly combines the strategic mechanics of classic chess with shooting elements. Each piece moves according to traditional chess rules, adding tactical depth to the gameplay. Be careful not to set yourself up for failure, as this will mean your undoing. You will be able to use your rifle to eliminate enemy pieces, but keep an eye on your ammunition and reload as needed. Between levels, you will choose from sets of cards with positive and negative properties, influencing the game's difficulty and your strategic options. With over 40 skill cards, 12 levels of increasing difficulty and 6 unique enemy types, every game promises to be a captivating challenge. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented play experience, where chess strategy and shooting thrills meet. Enjoy!