Pou Pou is a small brown creature that looks like a potato. You have to take care of him, just like a pet, to make him evolve and grow. He needs your supervision and to nurture him. You will have to feed him, clean him, walk with him or put him to bed. There are many elements to discover in the game. You will be able to: customize his appearance with many clothes, hats and glasses; take a little tour in the game room to play different mini-games; experiment with potions in the laboratory; customize the different rooms by choosing the wallpaper; unlock achievements and special items. You may have experienced Pou in the past. It is a video game that was born in 2011 as an app where the goal was to take care of a virtual animal. Then, it became very popular and many improvements were made by its creator. This is the original game with its updates. Have fun, make sure he is happy and healthy!