Make it Rain

Make it Rain Are you ready to see greenbacks flying in all directions? In Make it Rain, your only goal is to become as rich as possible. How much money will you be able to win? Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars? At the beginning of the game your pockets will be empty and you won't be able to invest a penny. Swipe your finger across the screen at high speed and send the dollars out of the stack! The faster you are, the richer you get. You will quickly be able to buy a small bucket, thanks to it you will earn money without having to touch your screen! Once you reach a certain amount, start to think about the possible investments you could make! Some will allow you for example to increase the value of the money sent in the air. As you go through the game, making money will become less and less tiring. You just have to make the right decisions! Have a good time!