Mahjong At Home - Scandinavian Edition

Mahjong At Home - Scandinavian Edition Mahjong At Home is back in this Scandinavian-designed edition, offering you a host of challenges in this mahjong game. Each day, discover a new board inspired by Nordic winter landscapes, combining a clean, modern aesthetic with festive themes. Your task is to find and eliminate free pairs of tiles, matching them by color or design. As you progress, the boards become more complex, requiring careful observation and thoughtful strategy. Not only does this game test your visual acuity and planning skills, it also immerses you in a relaxing, sophisticated world. Let yourself be transported by the Scandinavian winter atmosphere, while sharpening your puzzle-solving skills. It is a relaxing yet stimulating experience, perfect for both Mahjong fans and new players keen to discover this classic game in a new light. Enjoy!