Idle Merge Plane

Idle Merge Plane You are at the helm of a fast-growing aviation company. Your task is to expand your fleet and become an aviation tycoon. With every plane that crosses the finish line, you earn revenue. Buy new planes, or find them in gift boxes, then merge aircraft of the same level to transform them into superior models. The better your aircraft, the higher your profits. Reinvest your profits in upgrade packs available in the store to boost your cash production. With Idle Merge Plane, you will play your way through a world of aviation, where strategic management and quick decision-making are key to becoming the world's richest man. An addictive gaming experience awaits all players, from novices to the most experienced, with unique planes to collect, a turbo mode, passive gains and daily rewards. Manage your parking and extra flights to optimize your strategy and profits. Ready to soar to new heights? Enjoy!