Epic Puzzle - Match 3 RPG

Epic Puzzle - Match 3 RPG You are the strategist in a fascinating universe where match-3 solving skillfully blends with role-playing action. Your mission is to build an impenetrable citadel and become an undisputed leader in clan wars and arena duels. Every puzzle you solve brings you closer to victory, forging alliances and strengthening your fortress. With an arsenal of uniquely skilled heroes and an array of weapons to collect, you will have a multitude of options for developing your battle strategies. But that's not all: here, you have the freedom to build and customize your citadel, transforming it into a formidable fortress with workshops, warehouses and ramparts. Your quest will also take you into the arena, where you can challenge other players, climb the ranks and prove your supremacy. Do not forget the importance of the tavern in recruiting high-level heroes, and do not forget to use your less powerful heroes to reinforce your main team. The adventure never ends in Epic Puzzle, where every puzzle is a step closer to glory. Enjoy!