Cameraman vs Toilets

Cameraman vs Toilets Take on the role of a Cameraman agent whose mission is to destroy all the toilets using a gun equipped with a sight. Your shooting skills will be essential to accurately target each toilet. Your ammunition is limited, so you will need to be vigilant. However, do not hesitate to use the walls to make ricochets, and aim for the TNT blocks to ensure a nice explosion. This will enable you to hit all your targets without compromise! But beware: a mistake in shooting a Nubian friend could be fatal, forcing you to start the level all over again. As the levels progress, the challenge intensifies, requiring precision and strategy to overcome obstacles and triumph. Each stage brings its own new challenges, so are you ready to test your shooting skills and defeat the toilets? Take up the challenge and find out if you are up to conquering the 35 levels of this fast-paced, action-packed game! Enjoy!