Match Adventure

Match Adventure The inhabitants of the forest woke up one morning to find that the entire forest edge had been destroyed. What has happened? You play as Gemmy, a little squirrel, who cannot find his brother Johnny. Restore the place by starting with your own home and putting your personal touch on the rebuilding process. Start by clearing away the rocks and branches that litter the floor. Then you can construct buildings and redecorate the place to make it look as attractive as possible. To do this, you have resources at your disposal: gold coins to spend in the store, nuts to clean up the area and participate in various quests and gems to get nuts or coins and other treasures. Throughout the game, some match 3 mini-games will allow you to collect rewards. Many levels await you, continue your journey through the forest to explore new places. As you progress through the adventure, you will talk to various characters who will reveal elements of past events. Will you find your brother?